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sweet morning

While sleeping In the early morning hours
I suddenly rise up into darkness from my bed
I awaken because of a soft tender calling
Which I embrace so lovingly within my head

I am brought to life by its soothing melody
By a soft tenderness found in every word
I anxiously embrace their entire substance
As sweet harmonies within my heart are heard

For you have called to me early this morning
To listen again embracing your holy voice
Welcoming its energy deep within my spirit
Knowing it comes because I made a choice

And I am blessed again as the time arrives
To gently open up my eyes and breathe
While communing gratefully with your Spirit
Which I pray from my life will never leave

Finding my heart and spirit always to be lifted
While receiving the sweet blessing which I need
Daily embracing the favor I enjoy with you
Because with my deep faith you are well pleased

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