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Vindicate me, Oh Lord
Please vindicate me for
I have been a sinner
All my life

What you have given me
I fear I have not been a
Good steward of, and I
Have faltered in my

I am like the Persian King
Who when his kingdom was
Taken away became a

Feathers grew on his back
Like a bird, and he ate grass
Like an animal, his kingdom
Was taken from him

We as sinners allow ourselves
To be separated from your love
Not knowing your goodness any
Longer becoming prodigal
Sons and daughters

As I cry from my heart,
As my eyes look up from
Deep within my spirit…
I long to drink of your
Goodness again

Lift me from my sorrows
Rescue me from the fate
Of those who turn away
Setting me again on the
Right path which will
Lead me home to you…

For I am forever in
Need of Your love.

(A prayer of repentance written November 1976)

Photo Image Credit,  Wendell Arnold Brown,