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I yearn for Your word
Father, oh God, I want
To own it possessing
It in my heart, soul,
And spirit

He is my pearl of great
Worth which I will honor,
Cherish, and always

It is Your living word which
Brings life with healing power
He is the One through which
Salvation only comes

Blessed was the day I
Embraced Your holy word
Receiving His perfect peace
And love deep in my heart

For He renewed my soul
And spirit, indeed His
Spirits power and grace
Set me free

Belief in Him is so very
Important because as the
Changes begin, it is His
Validity the enemy seeks
To deny and disprove causing
Unbelief to fester in many

For Your living word is
The fire Which sets my
Love aflame deep within
My heart each day

Humbly will I lift up Your
Name with a thankful heart
For You are my only true
Hope and blessed assurance
Of the eternal life gift to come.

Photo Image by Wendell A. Brown,