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I think of you throughout the day
While searching for words to say
I feel the pain you are going through
Within my heart in so many ways

My heart cries out deep within me
To my God who loves us so
And never will I ever doubt my son
That he will ever let you go

The process which you are going through
Would destroy a much lesser man
But your spirit and belief in Jesus Christ
Will enable you once again to stand

Your faith and attitude never changes
While you push to overcome much each day
Know your effort will not go unnoticed
As His Spirit will strengthen you always

I believe God will bring about your healing
Making you an example for others to believe
If they might have the faith like you have
There is no limit to what they can achieve

You have come face to face with such adversity
Yet with each new day your heart remains strong
For your determination won’t let you be defeated
As with each breath in your lungs you’ll push on

There will soon come a time in the near future
When one day you’ll remember these times and say
How glad you are to have believed in His promise
As faith in Him provided a healing which stayed.

Love, Dad

Written for my son Ju-Juan, who suffered injuries after being shot three times which has left him paralyzed fighting to regain the ability to use his body below his chest. His determination and faith Has helped him to be able to navigate in a wheelchair, which I think is only the beginning to walking again, and regaining full use of his body. He has a selfless heart and is quickly loved by all whom he meets. I believe that the power of God’s love overcomes all things and it will empower his healing. Please…keep him in your prayers each day, for the prayers of the righteous will be heard by the Lord and will be rewarded. God bless you all and thank you always my sisters and brothers!

Wendell A. Brown,