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I did not ask for it to
Happen, yet you touched
Me deep in my heart as I
Looked into the deepness
Of your eyes my descent

I trembled at the thought
Of what I felt inside as
My lungs took in breath’s so
Deeply While longing to
Touch you

You spoke to me and my
Heart leaped with excitement
At every word that found life
From your lips, for I longed
To hear those words as my
Mind became a sudden maze
Of thoughts

I tried to focus on the
The completeness of you,
Your eyes, your mouth, your
Lips, your smile, your
Gentle spirit, yet my mind
Was quickly swept away

People told me one day
That my fall would happen,
That my time was soon to

But who could visualize such
A power that would bring
A grown man to his knees,
This power of love at first

And I have fallen like a leaf
From a tree in autumn, so
Deeply in love with you.

(Written April 1977 for my wife to be)

Wendell Arnold Brown,
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