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I found my heart and spirit grieving deeply today
That evil would take your blossoming beauty away
Your selfless hearts and genuine love was seen daily
While your compassion in many lives was needed to stay

The real love in your hearts was always on display
In ways, each of you uniquely sought to daily share
Shown by your many beautiful outward actions
Like many you are children of our God who cares

I think of the many different possibilities
That even in your passing have brought to be
Surely all will realize the inherent blessings
God daily presents in all of our similarities

As I see the spiritual smiles alive in your faces
I can see His sweet heavenly joy very much alive
And though you are no longer here physically with us
In our hearts and minds, your smiles will never die.

For Yusor and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha and

Shaddy Barakat.  May you all rest in God’s loving embrace

forever! Written February 17, 2015.

(Too many young with great spiritual light and possibility are taken by evil too soon…they are all beautiful ones!)

Wendell Arnold Brown,
Google Image Credit,
Photo Credit, Bing.