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Should we commend ourselves or be humbly blessed?
For with each poem written its essence is of God.
Our ministry given life by His blood and grace,
Leaving nothing to chance when each line is read.

For what is written down on paper by us each day
Is it not what is alive deep within our hearts.
Read daily by believers lifting up their spirits,
Receiving the love of God which is alive within.

We do not commend ourselves but rather move on.
For the moments of the day do not have enough time,
To withstand the words pouring into our hearts
From the creator of each thought that comes to mind.

Proven with grace there is a spiritual outpouring,
That cannot hold back the power of written praise.
It’s not for us but for the daily glory of the Father,
Who within our hearts placed a priceless gift today

We are lost and yet found within his love daily,
For our minds are always swept up with emotion,
Found sometimes drained for moments in time,
Only to be replenished by the power of devotion

We find our strength is spiritual and not worldly,
As our genuine place in heaven is laid out for us.
Knowing soon we will behold the glory of the Lord.
Where His love will receive us into our new home.

Wendell A. Brown,
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