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Just last night I
was thinking about
how far in life
you and I had come

We encountered so
many struggles
some we lost and
most we won

And through it all
I noticed we have
only changed in a
very special way

For neither of us thought
of ever leaving while our
love became stronger with
each new day

And I knew nothing would
ever be better in life,
no money silver or gold

Than to have you always
close to me because our
God wanted it to be so

For you are the dream I
always dreamed whenever
I think of love

And you are the reason I
will never change for you
are all my heart dreams of.

*We had endured the loss
of two young sons, this
was Written 8 months after
we had lost our second son
Ian…true love overcomes
all things!

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,