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You smiled at me and the fires
Arose from the sunken depths
Of darkness which was the
Marrow of my heart.

My inner spirit you lifted
Making me a whole man…
Your hand reshaped the clay
Coloring my world with new life.

My heart no longer sings
Dismal songs of darkened death…
For when you found me you
Freed me from that enemy.

You gave my heart a wholesome
Song to sing, one that would
Serenade your ears with its
Daily praises.

You have given me something
So priceless and very new,
For now true life was laid out
Before me, by your blessing
Of love… please never take it

For I would again choke on
The vines of darkness, drowning
In the pit of eternal damnation
Without your amazing grace…

So please Lord, always be my
Anchor, and my rock for I
Cannot live without you.

Written November 1976.

Wendell A. Brown
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