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peach rose

You leave me so very breathless
As I stand in awe before you today
Your presence inspires my heart
Giving birth to a smile that stays

A lovely happiness now fills me
Causing a special glow to arrive
I find I won’t leave your presence
As I feel Gods gift of love inside

You color my world with your beauty
Without sharing a single spoken word
It’s a joy to embrace your serenity
As in my ears a rhapsody is heard

You represent love in its purest form
For within you Gods spirit surely lives
Your smile shows you are ever thankful
Being blessed with a love that gives

As a blossoming beauty you will last
for many special moments in our minds
As we think of Gods beautiful treasures
We will cherish your beauty divine

For you blossomed in His great love
While always bathing in His pure grace
Though your body one day will disappear
In Heaven above you will have a place.

I visited Radiating Blossoms and Words blog site, and I was
move to write a poem this morning for a peach rose photo she
shared today. Her site is one you will also enjoy!

Wendell A. Brown,
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