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When I embrace you
I want the moment to
last longer than

I want to touch your hand
feeling its softness and
treasuring the thought…

that you also wanted to
hold mine

I want to call you when
you are at work or at home
to hear your melodic voice
as it lifts my heart to
ride a natural high

For too many are the low times
found in a day where loneliness
prods the soul, when we are
not together and I miss you,
but they are only thoughts

Yet thoughts which can blossom
into soft realities, painted by
an angel’s touch of love

Where the essence of your embrace
can cause loneliness to slip away
quickly replaced by the reality
of your presence

Embracing me with the touch of
your smiles glow upon my face…
when we arrive home at the end
the day.

Wendell A. Brown,
Written 2002
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