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God's Spirit

Our God placed his spirit deep within us
As a deposit for what is now yet unseen
When our faithful Lord and Savior returns
Bringing about the promised eternal change

For His loving spirit is our true guarantee
Of the priceless life blessing yet to come
A symbol of our gift of forever freedom
That by the shedding of his blood was won

For God has chosen to fool the worldly-wise
Making it hard each day for them to believe
Keeping them blinded in their faithless lives
To the beloved rock who is the one true key

It is hard today for some to really embrace
The unselfish act which one has done for many
Taking upon his shoulders the worlds entire sin
Sharing life eternal from His death abundantly

God is always pleased using faithful believers
To make what is unseen to daily become so true
For many unlocking the keys of once sinful lives
Rewarding with grace the faith of a chosen few

Since we know what it is like to fear the lord
We try with our many daily writings to persuade
The truth that is hidden to many in this world
So in Christ, they may find the one true way.

Wendell A. Brown,
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