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Love’s happiness and laughter lives within me
It refreshes my body with precision and finesse
Bringing to my mind such exhilarating beauties
Filling my heart daily with an exquisite bliss

This delight I find brings from within me
What young loves most times often find to be
For my love springs forth sweet joyous notes
Which form such enchanting pulsating melodies

So pleased am I with this new life I daily live
Sharing it with one in whom my heart believes
And I will place within her my wholesome trust
Knowing my heart she will never seek to deceive

I existed in my life as one before meeting her
Yet the whole of me will always now live as two
For she is the better half which God promised
Who in my life would help my dreams come true

For ever since the days when I was a young child
When on my knees to the Lord I would always pray
I knew He would surely answer my many prayers
Bringing forth special joys to bless all of my days

So the tender joy of loves happiness lives in me
Refreshing my heart with such precision and finesse
While adding to my life many sweet heavenly moments
Which will fill my heart daily with a perfect bliss.

Wendell A. Brown,
Written a month after getting
married in July 1977.
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