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As there is nothing new under the sun,
And we find our words are dressed anew.
As the sun is consistent in its daily rising
I will write lovingly many poems for you.

My words shall birth many new beginnings,
Which your ears before have never heard.
And all shall have the strongest impact,
Even though they are simply written words.

And what is old shall yet be new today
When my heart speaks of how it feels.
While for only a tiny taste of your love,
From eternity blissful times I will steal.

And more than just a vision will you be,
For inside my heart you will be so alive.
So whenever I have a deep need for you,
I can bring your smile alive in my mind.

Each day I will write new inspiring poems
With soft words which are dressed in truth.
As the morning sun is daily in its risings.
I will write endearingly of my love for you.

Wendell A. Brown,

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