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If one could be a beautiful flower
How would they spend their day
Would they blossom in the adulation
That many others may send its way

Would its spirit nourish the hearts
Of those who are blessed to see
The color of its very lovely soul
And its wonderful endearing vibrancy

Or would it shun the light that comes
From the brilliance of a new Sun
Shying away from its special gift
To make a day better for someone

For though it may seem its true beauty
Quickly vanishes over a very short time
I find true value in its enchanting embrace
I’ll forever admire in my heart and mind.

Wendell A. Brown,
Written, 11/09/14.

I find I am blessed with a larger
Family through blogging…we are all
A part of Gods creative spirit, and
I am always inspired by what my sisters
and brothers share each day…some
stimulate poems quickly as is the case
of this poem Inspired by my blogging sister
Cindy Knoke’s image, from her post on November
4th 2014, “Givers of love, Flora and
Fauna,.” from her blog cindyknoke.com.
She is multi-talented and it is a true
Blessing to embrace what she shares. Her
Blog leaves lasting smiles, and is worth
a visit.

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