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Your blessings are like
The leaves on a tree, always
So numerous, nourishing,
Free, and very wholesome

I am honored you have
Blessed me with such a
Daily continuance of
Your awesome grace and

For You Lord, never really had
To accept me as one of your own
Or love me, and yet you heard my
Prayer voice as it sailed upon
The crosswinds into your heavenly

Where you chose to embrace the
Earnestness, and genuine love
Within my heart blessing me with
The precious gift of your spirit
To guide and inspire me in the
Way I should go

For your joy is an awesome
Energy, enduring forever in
Time, and the fullness of its
Blessing is a great fortune,
And a very priceless gift

Each morning I awaken to
Your loves embrace…
Your lasting treasure shines
Forth from deep within.

Wendell A. Brown,
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