Sister Nandita, made me smile with this tonight…so I thought I would pass it on!


growing up

Today I share some childhood tales

The stories that you never forget and

You almost start believing in them and

with age one understand the details

These simple yet effective stories were classic on their own and are refined

Each one has a vital lesson, morals or teachings when combined

A thirsty crow drinks the water and gets its way out

Call him smart, intelligent, shrewd or

Simply hardworking without a doubt

The Quench of the thirst persuaded him to keep going

And he started collecting pebbles nonstop till the water kept rising

Following your path with an honest heart, clear vision and a passion is all what needs to be done

Important lesson; Never Quit and Never Run

For every problem there is a solution

All we have to do is work hard, think hard and solve the riddle

Another such fable that I must share

Especially for the…

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