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My heart looks upward into the sky
Towards your sweet heavenly abode
For I think of you so much every day
Thanking you for saving my soul

I will always reflect on where I once was
And the road in which my life did stride
Until That day when I elected to follow you
For the welcome promise, I would never die

Without You, my life would still be empty
Still chasing worldly desires without end
I still would be locked in a true race
Held captive by worldly desire and sin

And all it took was one breathtaking moment
Where I laid myself down beneath your feet
Crying from within my deep pain and sorrow
That my broken soul you would always keep

For what is life without your true blessing
What is my heart without your tender love
Where would I be each day in this my life
Without your salvation and grace from above

Wendell A. Brown,
Amazingly beautiful Photo Credit,
From amazingfineart.wordpress.com

James ‘Bo’ Insogna, takes some of
the most breathtaking photos I have
ever seen. I told him they inspire
poetry…you all should pay him a visit.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/StrikingPhotographyByBo
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