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The dawn has no beauty that compares to thee
The sun has no glow as the brown eyes I see
Melon has no taste as the honey from your lips
Wine has not the power I find within your kiss

Comparing you to a lovely sunset is a mockery
And nothing can compare to your inner beauty
For what is lost in beauty is overwhelmingly won
In your soft personality which compares to none

Its richness is beyond what is valued and rare
And its nourishment is more than even the air
And to one like me it’s my most essential need
To have my wanting heart love the likes of thee

I have felt falling rain nourishing the flowers
And I have felt your love rain upon my heart
Causing it to blossom beautifully every hour
With the sweetest love songs of a meadowlark

I have seen the beauty of crystal blue seas
I have seen its waves as they kissed a beach
And in their beautiful embrace have I now seen
The way your priceless beauty has captured me

And nothing in this life can compare to thee
Nothing else in this world I can touch or see
I knew in my heart that nothing would ever be
As lovely as the selfless one who truly loves me.

Wendell A. Brown,
May 1977,
An early poem for my wife
before we got married.
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