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Each morning as my eyes softly awaken
I find myself falling in love again
As I silently gaze upon your face
I feel as though I am seeing heaven

When you lay here quietly beside me
I realize you are a special treasure
One which takes my very breath away
Whose beauty is a priceless pleasure

And there is nothing you can ever do
Which will ever cause me to turn away
When all you have to do is say my name
The rhythm of your love makes me to stay

Hard times may come into our lives
But with you beside me I stay strong
For I always want to be close to you
Forever locked in you embracing arms

I thank God for this beautiful blessing
He allows in my life each day to stay
Know we will always be as one together
And in our lives it will be no other way.

“To my wife, who is also my best friend.”

Wendell A. Brown,
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