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What will you do with this your life
That the Lord did make come to be
What will you do with the moments
Quickly passing you by each day

As you grow there will be consequences
Which will affect all in life you choose
And when you embrace those choices
So many things you’ll wish to undo

For every step in life is a building block
That until taken you’ll not know the outcome
And if you do not make the right choices
You may find your world will become undone

You must base your life on his strong foundation
On a mighty rock which you may fearlessly stand
And with that one choice will come true wisdom
Which will help your spirit daily to understand

That no matter how large in life you may become
One day could come the moment you fall
For there is One more powerful than all in life
Who with a word can cause you to lose it all

Choose carefully the many steps you take in life
While always seeking to enter through His door
Embracing His words wisdom which for life is needed
Along with His guidance which you’ll need for sure.

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,