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Moving like twin moonbeams
gracefully floating, in unison
upon the midnight wind

Dancing to their hearts tune
of eternal love, as this
soft glowing night they begin

Amid the many stars which
shine tonight dancing to
their hearts love song

Sharing with the other
emotions felt, which in the
midnight sun are now born

Taste the honey of your
lovers kiss, while feeling
the gentleness of her hand

Adore the beauty of her
smiles bliss, as the flames
in your heart by genuine
love is fanned

Adore the priceless beauty
of embracing eyes as your
spirit feels the need to

As these twin moonbeams
share this lovely moment,
while finding themselves
jointly in a heavenly trance

Take the hand of of the
love, your only love,
and in the light of the
moon do dance.

Embracing a genuine joy
which only a real love
can bring and into two
lives will always greatly

Wendell A. Brown,
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