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Early morning finds me lying
awake within my bed, thinking
what I had thought or did not
think I said…

Of how my life has changed
so tremendously, how it
never again will be the same

From the first time I saw
your brown eyes, from the
first time I said your name

And your name has become a
source of strength to me
which lifts me up each day

Whenever your name falls
from my lips I will still
find myself never the same

My heart wants to express
without your love in my life
I will surely die

And never again will a moment
be found where I will not want
you to be by my side

For to speak your name from within
my heart, while framing it daily
with sweet words of praise

Will allow many to understand the
love I feel within came that first
moment my lips spoke your name.

Wendell A. Brown,