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Who is faithful to You Lord,
there is none among the living!
For the goals of humankind never
includes You. To many You will
always be considered an afterthought,
while never becoming the necessity
they humbly need

For all which they do, all which
they labor for is only for their
stomachs or to quench their worldly
thirst and desires. They seek to serve
self, and money while always keeping
You an afterthought in their lives

What does it mean to labor in vain,
having everything your hands worked
for including your soul close to
destruction while thinking only
about yourself, turning to God
in your times of trouble and anguish
as all your selfish plans begin to fail
while again making the Lord an afterthought

They daily seek worldly riches and glory
for themselves as the adversary did, while
seeking to lord it over their brothers
and sisters, nourishing on false success
and praise as they try to fulfill worldly
dreams based on a foundation made of clay,
and perishable things which fade away

They simply do what they want to do,
not even thinking about You, Lord or
the consequences their sins will bring
while hoping You will not hear or see
the sins which they do each day without
any fear

And when they realize all they did was
in vain, and meaningless, when their
prayers are not answered quickly
they will become troubled in thought
realizing how much it hurts as they
wonder fearfully if they themselves
have now become the afterthought!

Wendell A. Brown,
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