Patricia is a very inspiring artist who shares her wonderful gift on her blog and on facebook! She follows my blog also and I asked her one day after seeing several inspiring images if she would mind me writing a poem for one of her pieces of her choice if she would let me see it ahead of time…so the poem is what I captured from the picture that I felt I saw through her eyes! You should really visit her blog she is so very creative and talented in so many ways!

Awapara Art

It took me a while to finish this piece, but it is finally here.

It’s funny how each piece takes its own course. This one took a while, and lots of changes. I took so many pictures that I was able to create a video, with all these frames. Watching the metamorphosis is unreal. If you would like to see it here is the link

Also, below is a wonderful poem written by Wendell A Brown, one of my dear friend of the web-sphere. You should go check his blog. He wrote it specially for this post. His words are a blessing to the world. Many thanks Wendell!

There was a certain air of confidence every where
The moment I began to feel his eyes embrace
I knew that this would be a fantastic piece
As I felt the soothing energy alive within his face
There actually was a surprisingly…

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