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There would always be a wonderful happiness
Whose glow radiated each day from your face
There would always be something very special
In that certain way you taught with such grace

You always had a certain way to inspire
Planting seeds of confidence in us to stay
You even made strangers whom you did meet
To be thankful for the smile you made to stay

You will always be a very priceless treasure
One of great worth in our lives hard to find
You had more than a single role in our lives
Your influence will surely know lasting times

When each day I find moments to think of you
Though it may seem like sad tears I will cry
I know you are still with me within my heart
The only place where true genuine love lies

And forever imprinted upon each of our hearts
Will be the lasting blessing of your gentle smile
Reminding us of the treasure you always gave to us
Which in our memories will be a gift so worthwhile.

Wendell Arnold Brown (Budge),
This was written for my cousin
Howard Douglas Arnold Sr. who was welcomed
Into our Lords embrace last Monday.
And it is also for my family as they
Celebrate his life back home in
Pennsylvania this morning.

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