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Such lovely feelings come with each day I see
As my eyes open to the beauties He has made
Such a sweet joy arises from within my heart
While together the sun and the clouds often play

How beautiful to awaken rising up from my bed
With songs of praise filling my heart so deep
How tender to find myself on the receiving end
Of his eternal grace and love I’ll always keep

How heavenly to fearlessly walk out my door
Embracing another sister and brothers hands
Knowing that as I embrace their smiles each day
With His blessing we are assured to always stand

How lovely to greet the words which come my way
From my brothers and sisters around the world
Knowing they share similar feelings of spiritual love
For they also awaken to the joy of heavens pearl

For God embraces all of us from so many places
Because His love deposit each of our spirits has
Letting us know he will never abandon his sheep
While within His spirit will keep us so glad

How beautiful each day to share our special gifts
To many like us who have the daily urge to share
Giving each other special hugs and radiant smiles
Letting each other know how much we really care

For like our God above rains on the good and the bad
Allowing all spirits alive to daily eat and drink
Our God will always be much more merciful and tender
Than worldly restrictive minds can ever surely think

For He is an amazing God.

Wendell A. Brown,
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