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I sought out a love, a true endless love
With whom I could always share my days
I hoped each day this love would find me
Bringing a peaceful solace in every way

I dreamed of what her embrace would be like
And how her gentle smile would make me feel
She did not have to be a very perfect love
But within her spirit she just had to be real

I wanted someone who most of the time
Was ready in life to share similar dreams
I wanted her to color each day of my life
With many of the important smaller things

I also needed her to understand
That I was not a very perfect man
But I would promise to always love her
And by her side I would always stand

I would always strive to be the only one
Whom she always embraced in her dreams
For deep within a joyful premonition,
I saw she would love the me I would bring

And each day I always receive my answer
To all the prayers I used to daily pray
For I have my true love right by my side
Knowing in my life she will always stay.

Wendell A. Brown
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