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When in our lives trials and tribulations come
Those which will severely test our hopes and fears
Simply remember always this wonderful promise
Our Lord and savior will always be very near

When it seems our hopes and dreams are fading
And nothing in our lives is going right anymore
You can always rely on His tender promises
While in His living word you can be quite sure

When the hordes of hell each day surround us
With the enemy constantly knocking at our doors
It is the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ
Which shall bring a restful peace to us evermore

He alone is our fortress from life’s raging storms
Protecting us from the touch of disease and pestilence
He will be our shining body armor each day we live
Shielding us with His Spirits power like a golden fence

So as days come where you feel you cannot last
When life’s problems you cannot take anymore
Our Lord will not let you sit alone and suffer
And in His enduring promise you can be quite sure.

Wendell A. Brown