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Whenever I see the butterflies flying
I am reminded of your smiling face,
As I see them taking wing into the sky
I feel emotions which are never displaced

For in my heart also live the butterflies
As they come to life within me each day
While I count the different memories of you
Which in my thoughts and dreams will stay

The brightness of their many vibrant colors
Produce a vivid rainbow deep within my mind
Which fills my heart with such unwavering joy
Allowing me to enjoy them for an endless time

The butterflies will be my deepest treasure
Leaving me never again feeling the same
As the peace they bring to me cannot be measured
For on their wings are imprinted your name.

Wendell A. Brown,
Copyright 2011.

The last few days I have read some blogs
Of some of our friends who have suffered losses
Of loves ones. This poem was written for a
Relative/Loved one I lost a couple of years back,
I thought sharing it might be a blessing for
Those families who recently lost a loved one.
May God bless all the families, my prayers
Are with you all!