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You are the new sun that rises
Blessing my day with its bliss
I feel such happiness come alive
As I dream of your spiritual kiss

You stood by me after my accident
Making sure Lord that I would heal
You allowed my heart to feel such joy
Because your love is so very real

My Lord you have kept me very close
Never letting my heart to ever stray
You blessed me each new morning
Allowing me to daily praise your name

Forgive me the times my mind slips
The many times when I do bring alive
New psalms of love praising you anew
Inspiring so many in their daily lives

For you alone Lord are the only one
Who fills my heart and spirit with joy
And I will happily pen my best to you
The soulful psalms my spirit employs glorify your precious name.

Wendell A. Brown
Psalm 86: 12-13
I will praise you, Lord my God, with
all my heart; I will glorify your name
forever. For great is your love toward
me; you have delivered me from the
depths, from the realm of the dead.

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Wendell A. Brown


My Life With You


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So many times in my life
Lord, you have saved me
From sickness and disease

You have always kept me
Very safe, and for that reason
I will daily give you praise

You have blessed me with
Your wisdom, laying vast
Amounts of knowledge into
My mind

A spiritual wisdom, unknown
To most, unless they open
Their hearts so its wealth
they might find

My heart is pleased each
Morning, finding you have
Watched over me as I slept

As I rise up meeting the
Kiss of the dawn, I realize
Again how much I am blessed

I am but a very poor man
Yet within my heart the
Greatest treasure I possess

Because you have graced my
Life each day with your
Enduring gift of happiness

For you alone Lord, have made
Me to smile again, much brighter
Then the newly risen Sun

And I only seek new reasons
Each day, to gain favor in your
Eyes before my day is done

I pray I will never be
Without your love, in the
Many moments of my life
Each day

I need the wholesome
Fullness of your embrace,
Each morning in my life
To always stay.


1.John 15:4-5 Remain in me, as I also

remain in you. No branch can bear fruit

by itself; it must remain the vine.

Neither can you bear fruit unless you

remain in me.  I am the vine; you are

the branches.  If you remain in me

and I in you, you will bear much fruit:

apart from me, you can do nothing.”


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THE TIME WE PASS ( Dedicated to “Ahmaud Arbery.”)


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No one surely knows but our Father

When our day will finally be done

Only He can call out to our spirits

While calling His angels for us to come


It happens one day for one person

And another day for someone else

We hear of them as their life passes

Never once thinking about ourselves


On that day my Lord they hung You

Yes, Upon that old and rugged tree

Of the two who hung beside You

Only one recognized Your divinity


At that moment was his faith rewarded

With the true blessings of eternity

Because as He recognized You as Lord

From his sins, he would be set free


As we look back upon our own families

Seeing the times when each one passed

We never entertained It would happen

But as the time came it happened fast


Remember well these words my brethren

The most important thing you should know

Believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God

Never worrying about the time we will go


For His promise remains perfectly true

Which he spoke upon the cross that day

That when you accept Him as your Lord

In His eternal embrace, you will stay.


“Ahmaud, a young black man who was doing

his daily jog was chased down by two

white men and He was murdered in

Southern Georgia.  May God bless his

family in their time of sorrow in many

wonderful ways by the Lord with His

love, and grace. There is no place for

racism in this world!


Wendell A. Brown

1 Peter 1:3

Blessed be the God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who according to His great mercy
has caused us to be

born again
to a Living Hope
through the resurrection
of Jesus Christ
from the dead!






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With the beginning of each new day
There is a presence I cannot ignore
There’s a genuine calling to my spirit
And with the calling comes much more

I seek out your word in the morning
Before my loved one’s eyes awaken
For your word is life to me, dear Lord
Wanting in my life not to be forsaken

Of your presence as I start my day
I want always to be a part of you
As I pray and eat, of your living word
So I might accomplish all I seek to do

As I face the things that come my way
Meeting the world’s problems head-on
I know your love will deeply inspire me
And with your grace, I can do no wrong

I praise you, Lord, for always blessing me
Allowing my spirit to commune with you
Knowing daily as my spirit reaches to you
You’ll be there reaching out to me too.
Deuteronomy 4:29
“But if from there you seek the Lord your God,
you will find him if you seek him with all
your heart and with all your soul”.

Psalm 63:1
“You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you;
I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you,
in a dry and parched land where there is no
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“I Love You, Yes I Do”


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Come to me let me
hold you close
under starlit skies

Let me embrace the
essence of you and let
my lips not ever lie

But let my heart strike
a lovely note that will
never ever leave you blue

And as we embrace so
tenderly realize that
I love you, yes I do

Let the moon be
our shining jewel
until a forever time

Let the stars of heaven
become the strength with
which our love together
softly binds

Let our heart’s first
sweet love song forever
last deep inside our minds

And always know that
my love is only yours
until the end of time

Let this moment which
we have found never
lose its magic touch

Never let the thrill
of this moment fade
away, this moment we
love so much

Let the warmth of this hour
find a resting place in
which our hearts will stay

And let us pray to our Lord
of heaven above that these
feelings never go away

Let my two arms always
feel the embrace of the
sweetest love to be found

Let our lips always meet
sharing tender moments
where sweet happiness abounds

And never between us let
a time to come where our
moments we may waste

Let us promise the other
the truest of loves nectar
in our love we will always

Realizing as we grow old
together in our love that
stays so rich and true

Always remember the words
my heart spoke to you
“I Love You, Yes I Do.”

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Wendell A. Brown

“The Life Giver”


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The great wall within had
fallen apart, and its
stone covering was taken
away revealing a heart of

Darkness has been dispelled
and sadness swept far away
from the broken pieces of
its former outer shell

The pain, anguish, and
loneliness once alive
within is now dead and
not known any longer after
my cry of repentance

Allowing His Spirits light to
enter where a heart of flesh
now appears newly fashioned
by His creative hands

Finding it now being fed
by a Heavenly Light, while
it brings new life
abundantly within it with
His spirit

Allowing it to live filled
with a lasting desire to
worship, and serve fully the
One who blessed it with His
true heavenly treasure…

His gift of eternal salvation and life.

(written 1972)

Psalm 36:9
You are the giver of life. Your light
lets us enjoy life.

John 1:3
All things were created through Him,
and apart from Him not one thing was
created that has been created.

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When one views a beautiful painting
by an awesome artist, their heart
embraces the beauty and life found
within it, while being left speechless
without words to say

When one hears a song whose soothing
melodies and rhythms serenade their
heart into a state of sheer wondrous
bliss and happiness, their heart dances
in its own private moment of joy

When one reads an awesome poem they
taste of the love living in the writers
heart, becoming breathless yet alive
allowing his/her words to brightly color
their day as it becomes their very own
priceless treasure

For a genuine and pure selfless love when
creatively shared, brings about pleasurable
changes in our lives when embraced in a
wholesome way, while blossoming… leaving
a taste of many favorite treasures which
are found in our world

One becomes thankful for every moment
shared with the many gifts presented each
day, for their blessing of love freely, and
selflessly given will remain very priceless
gems which never lose their lasting beauty

Because there will always be a need in our lives
to be lifted where our minds can escape the world
finding inspiration in gems which want nothing
in return, but only to share the natural high they
create in another’s life with their beauty

A much-needed smile will color one’s world
with happiness freely given by a creative heart
and mind who took pride in sharing a jewel
while trying in their own way to make our
world a much better place

The magic of the moment in a very special way,
becomes timeless in its lasting nature leaving
the reader and lover of these great pieces of art,
appreciative of their lasting joys living again

As the first time when their emotions were aroused
by such simple but genuine beauties as a beautiful
sunset, a child’s smile, the beauty of a kindness
received, a rainbow, and more favorite treasured
gifts created by their selfless acts of love, and we are
made more whole by a pure kindness whose spirit
will keep kindled that spark which stays alive in our
minds forever.
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Forgive To Have Inner Peace


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There are many alive among
us who live embracing certain
unhappiness each day…

They are full of such hatred
For another who may have
hurt them in some way

They find they can never
release, the pain inflicted
deep within their lives

They hold onto that hurt each
day as they live, never letting
hatreds flame to ever die

They want them to suffer
each moment of their daily
lives in so many ways

Finding in the end, the only
ones who suffer are those
whose hearts became hatred’s
lasting slaves

Many say with their words they
love God above all, yet they still
let the hurt in their lives to stay

When there is One who paid the
ultimate price casting away all
of hatreds most painful chains

Many still turn away from the
living One, who died setting
their lives free one time

Never realizing as hatred lives
within their consciences and
hearts its power will never
let them be

You can never really be forgiven
by the One who never a day in His
life was found to sin

Unless you open up your hearts,
spirits, and souls allowing His
forgiving grace to truly enter in

When He died upon that old wooden
Cross, one time for the many sins
committed by all who did live

What was committed yesterday,
today, and tomorrow, by His
selfless sacrifice, and amazing
grace He did forgive

It was the greatest gift, the
purest genuine act of love,
of forgiveness done in this
world by anyone

With that one-act of love He
sought to teach by His singular
sacrifice on the cross how true
healing had really begun

His prayer while dying was Father,
please, forgive them for they know
not what they do this day…

While He chose not to condemn us
for the many sins and the hatred
that to this day is constantly on

Reminding  He taught us in His
spoken word at the Sermon on
the Mount he left to us a true

Finding peace and freedom in
our lives and how to really make
that peace in our lives to stay

Forgiveness is the one special
key, which can really chase
hatred’s ugly spirit away…

Just as He paid the price for a
debt to God which we humans in our
lives alone could never repay.

We must forgive the sins committed
against us by others and the sins we
committed against others no matter
how small or large. Then alone in
prayer before Christ in a quiet place
Forgive ourselves for our own sins.
He in one act upon the cross, forgave
us all one time instantly, believing
in our Lord God the Father can we not
also by doing the same and receive the
blessing of peace blossoming in our lives
as it is nurtured by His amazing grace
and love, Why do we hold onto past
bagged when with Christ we are born anew,
anew, forgiven and set free!

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Our Constant Praise


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Your daily message inspires many each day

Dressing their hearts with His  spirit’s power

As your living words fills many with blessings

Letting believers know He is near each hour


Our Teacher sits daily on our heart’s throne

Inspiring us each new moment to now begin

Sharing with many new believers His power

As God’s living word provides growth within


Each morning your daily bread gives new power

As we humbly receive its new life blessing true

With a new spiritual growth which delights many

Leading many new hearts Lord to serve only you


As true believers, we are given many new gifts

Which make life changes in our lives come alive 

So when another receives your shared blessings

They feel the amazing power Your love provides


Lord the beautiful blessings which you give freely

Will find a lasting home within us to always stay

Which we’ll be honored to share with many others

Your precious love which births new words of praise.


1 Corinthians 1:18

For the message of the cross is foolishness

To those who are perishing but to us who 

Are being saved it is the power of God!

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It was truly more than a chance meeting,
It was something that needed not to be.
But today I heard a voice call out to me,
When through my tears I could not see.

I had truly become a total embarrassment,
Not a single promise could I really keep.
And while the guilt of sin embraced me,
I found this night I could no longer sleep

I was blinded by sin’s running essence,
With my faith now as low as it could be.
I was drowning in my continued sadness,
Wanting this hopeless feeling to fade away.

If I could only lift myself from the ground,
And by my own strength again stand tall.
But my own selfishness made me powerless,
No longer having any hope in my life at all.

I could not even see a step in front of me,
And the pressure inside was very crushing.
A dread feeling I now felt embracing me,
While from me my life seem to be rushing.

My once strong heart seemed about to topple,
Would I now finally turn answering the call?
As I heard the voice once again call my name,
Saying come to me and you’ll no longer fall.

Still at that moment I felt so very worthless,
I turned toward where the voice came from.
In a down pour of my souls crushing guilt,
By His mercy and grace my salvation is won.

I wondered why You never gave up on me,
Why from me You had never turned away,
Many times I turned away from your call,
Not deserving your great mercy in any way.

My Lord I’m not worthy to come to You today
As I am an embarrassment in many ways.
Yet as I spoke I felt His arms embrace me,
Saying, yes my son, but I forgive you today.

Matt 6:14-15
For if you forgive other people when they sin
against you, your heavenly Father will also
forgive you.

For he has rescued us from the dominion of
darkness and brought us into the kingdom of
the Son he loves, in whom we have redemption,
the forgiveness of sins.
As I read many blogs today, I felt many wanting
to reach out to God, but seemed so hesitant. There
will come a time when one lets self go, and they
will find a genuine spiritual joy blossom within.
This was written back in November 1976…the
moment was life-changing! I wanted to share it
tonight for those who might want to take that
Next step. God bless!

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As this morning calls my eyes to open
Leaving me to feel your joyful presence
You lift my mind into very high places
As my heart is embraced by Your love

It gave birth to a million radiant smiles
And just as many blushing childish grins
While the first thing that came to mind
Was to thank You for letting me live again

And I could hear the soft gentle pattering
On my window as the rain began to fall
And even as its voice was speaking clearly
I could hear the blessing of Your loves call

And as all living things began their dance
Joined together their voices rose up to pray
Happily thanking you for another chance
To send out from their hearts sweet praise

I thank you, this morning for the reminder
Which always assures me Your spirit will stay
No matter whether one is truly good or bad
You give many of us another chance today

My heart joyfully embraces many thoughts
Bringing spiritual melodies to rise as I pray
Combining with my spirit, they birth a psalm
Thanking You Lord, for another chance today

To seek you again with open hearts and arms
Again feeling the spirits hunger growing inside
As we bathe anew in your sweet blessing of love
Realizing last night Lord, we could have died.


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1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 | NIV
Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all
circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in
Christ Jesus.

Colossians 3:17 | NIV
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it
all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to
God the Father through him.