A Valued Treasure


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Valuable have been the many moments
Which daily we are blessed to share
So beautifully spoken are our words
That adds sweet tranquility to the air

Wonderful are the many seconds passing
When I find your love very close to see
Endearing are moments as they move along
With their blissful softness embracing me

So meaningful all the breathtaking hours
As your eyes speak to my heart and say
Your life would be empty and incomplete
Without my faithful love added to your days

Beautiful are the wholesome night moments
The many months and years spent with you
When each moment in life, I taste your kiss
Making your embrace a valued treasure true.

“Happy Valentines Day Deborah Ann”

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All The Years Of Your Life


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Find a love this day and love her
All the years of this your life
Cherish her young beautiful smile
Which like a star lights the night

Care for all the things she loves
Love all which are her hearts needs
Knowing there will never come a time
When without her love you’ll ever be

Take the time to learn her personality
It’s worth more than its weight in gold
Value her special loving touch of warmth
And you’ll never want to let her love go

Love this precious treasured gift of yours
Whose golden smile fills your heart with light
Cherish and love her young priceless heart
Which will be a lasting blessing in your life.

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Wendell A. Brown,

To Never Begin


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You are an inseparable
memory, which lives
deep within my mind

You alone are the bond
filling my heart with
delight, so I will
know no lonely times

You are the valued treasure
needed which inspires my
body’s members to sing
in unison

About the cherished joy
living deep inside
yes in their spiritual
parts within

The pleasure of love
belong to them for
your love Lord has
made them free

From a place where they
once were imprisoned by
an unholy fiends captivity

You are the inspiration
needed to move my spirit
to write many psalms of

About the spiritual gifts
embracing my life daily
which from your grace, I
seek to employ

For you are the inseparable
gladness which alone blesses
my spirit deep within

You alone possess the
the absolute power which
never allow loneliness
in my life to begin again.

Romans 8:39
nor height nor depth, nor anything
else in all creation, will be able
to separate us from the love of God
in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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Treasured Moments


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I watch you closely as your spirit sleeps
Wondering are you happily dreaming of me
As each moment of the night passes slowly
Is it my loving smile which your mind sees

In your face, there’s birthed a true peace
With a glow which will never disappear
As if you know deep within your dreams
While you sleep my love is always near

My heart is wrapped in cherished moments
As I lovingly watch you peacefully sleep
Framing moments into perfect treasures
Which deep in my heart I will seek to keep

My spirit is embraced by the alluring beauty
Which tonight quietly adorns your lovely face
While the bliss which lives deep within it
Finds my heart also sharing its same place

Where two gentle hearts have made together
A special heaven where our love will abide
So even when we are wide awake or sleeping
The sweet passion of our love will be alive.

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An Undying Love


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This time of year trees are barren of leaves
And the wind is but a messenger of the cold
It seems we are besieged by winters thieves
And by its harshness we are brought down low

We find in these times the green grass has died
And a summer rose is a memory inside our minds
For hard is the ground and so empty the sky
As even the birds have gone until another time

The night is only made bright by numerous stars
And soft stirring essences of moonbeams which dance
So that one might can see through the darkness afar
The midnight sky which they have gently enhanced

And yet there is a lasting beauty one can now see
Which the cruel severity of winter has yet to carry
An authentic love that destiny has forever deemed
Winters cold and the sands of time can never bury

For even though many bodies and souls will pass away
The sweet memory of a priceless love shall always stay.

Wendell A. Brown,
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Needing You Lord


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I hungered for You
tonight Lord, in the
darkness of my lonely

For I felt the pains of
loneliness which most
times accompanies a
quiet gloom

I felt the harsh pains of
separation, because I did
not have that of which I
daily need

So I called to You with
much fervent prayer, to
bring Your special love
I need to me

But no answer found its way
to my hearts’ door, and what
was now locked so securely

Would never be found
to begin to change the
complexion of my brand
new day

Maybe I fell short in my
life or was it something
I forgot to do or say

Only know I am unhappy
tonight because You are
far away from where I now

Remember me this night
my God, and do not
hesitate to send me a
sweet taste

Of the heaven which lives
deep within Your well of
love and I promise not a
drop I will waste

For what I find to live
deep within my heart I
pray my Lord to always stay

So I pray intently to You
as my new day begins, You
will once again come my way.
While I was single I prayed
to God every morning, noon, and
night to forgive all wrong actions
in my life, asking for
His blessings each new day. I still
consistently do it! God bless!


Ephesians 1:7
In Him, we have redemption through His
blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses,
according to the riches of His grace

Isaiah 1:18
Verse Concepts
“Come now, and let us reason together,”
Says the LORD, “Though your sins are as
scarlet, They will be as white as snow;
Though they are red like crimson,
They will be like wool.

Hebrews 8:12

(Written 1976)
Photo Image Credit,
Wendell A. Brown, 2015

Needing Your Love Near


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Within the darkness of the night
When blackness fills the room
The only light is from the stars
The only smile is from the moon

When my emotions slowly come alive
And my dormant thoughts now arise
Finding them becoming realities
As your sweet image, I visualize

While you sleep I watch you lovingly
Praying a time will never come to be
A moment when you will stop loving me
A time when you might want to leave

All the goodness one could ever find
In life is wrapped deep in your heart
Its value I will need very close to me
So this true happiness will not depart

I pray inwardly and very silently
To God who answers sincere prayers
That I receive His favorable grace
Allowing your love to always be near.

(To Deborah Ann, 1977))

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Final Changes


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While men and women change
laws to meet their own needs
making illegal bribes a legal

There is One above who
views it all knowing the
misery to many innocents
it brings

You were given a position of
power by those who voted you
In, but you forgot them because
of paper colored green, along
with your greed which grew

You have become liars, and
money changers even while
you say you believe, but even
the demons in hell are known
for saying those same things

You have given your soul to
mammon, your heart, and spirit
to serve other so-called gods,
and you think I am not watching
from my heavenly throne above

But here is a word of caution
that I now will speak to you
if you do not recluse yourselves
there will be a place in hell
because of the evil you now do

For I will not stand idly by
watching you destroy the weak
and needy while you fill your
heart with greed and ungodly
lust for material wealth and

For I will soon take away your
your life twice, casting your
spiritual essence into the
eternal flames

And I will give the worldly
things you once craved and
desired to someone who will
always seek to embrace the
higher spiritual things…

which honors the One living Triune God!

Hebrews 6:10
God is not unjust; he will not
forget your work and the love you
have shown him as you have helped
his people and continue to help them.

Galatians 5:13
You, my brothers and sisters,
were called to be free. But do
not use your freedom to indulge
the flesh; rather, serve one
another humbly in love.

Romans 7:6
But now, by dying to what once
bound us, we have been released
from the law so that we serve in
the new way of the Spirit, and
not in the old way of the written

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His Graceful Touch


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That time each day I rise
I am greeted by your spirit
As it fills my heart inside
In the very early morning

I am lifted to heavenly places
As I am embraced by your love
At this time I must bow my head
To You, my Father up above

It is not promised I should awaken
It’s not promised again I will see
It’s not promised I will feel Your love
It’s not promised I should breathe

But it is by Your grace and mercy
And the succulent love You bring
I am always blessed each morning
With a sweet new love song to sing

For nothing can ever separate me
From the embrace of Your gentle love
For, You have made me Your very own
With, Your graceful touch from above

(A-Reblog of a favorite of mine)
Psalm 136:26
Give thanks to the God of
heaven, for his steadfast
love endures forever.
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My Thoughts


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My thoughts are always
with you

As my eyes open to you
each day

My dreams are of you only

Wherein my mind and heart your
love stays

Your love has truly spoiled

Not to ever expect anything

Sometimes it’s hard to truly

Why so soon, I feel so very

Yet, dearest, I need to express
my emotions

For inside they can no longer

So I try to present them to you
each day

In that special fashion keeping
them alive

Letting you know what you mean to a
once lonely world

Every precious moment of each new
lovely day

Why my heart needs to find you
by my side

keeping the smiles on my face alive

For my thoughts will always embrace

And my dreams will also share the
same fate

For deeply sealed within my heart’s

Your cherished love will never be
be replaced.

July 1977

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