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You are the new sun that rises
Blessing my day with its bliss
I feel such happiness come alive
As I dream of your spiritual kiss

You stood by me after my accident
Making sure Lord that I would heal
You allowed my heart to feel such joy
Because your love is so very real

My Lord you have kept me very close
Never letting my heart to ever stray
You blessed me each new morning
Allowing me to daily praise your name

Forgive me the times my mind slips
The many times when I do bring alive
New psalms of love praising you anew
Inspiring so many in their daily lives

For you alone Lord are the only one
Who fills my heart and spirit with joy
And I will happily pen my best to you
The soulful psalms my spirit employs glorify your precious name.

Wendell A. Brown
Psalm 86: 12-13
I will praise you, Lord my God, with
all my heart; I will glorify your name
forever. For great is your love toward
me; you have delivered me from the
depths, from the realm of the dead.

Image Credit,
Wendell A. Brown


You Awaken My Spirit Daily


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My Lord you have awaken my spirit

Bringing a hunger for spiritual things

You taken away my worldly blindness

That each new day tries to hinder me


You opened my heart and my spirit

To understand I truly belong to you

Realizing I would never serve another

That only to you my love remains true


You opened my eyes each new morning

Allowing on your living word I can feed

Showing me in my life the spiritual food

Which night and day I will always need


Nothing in this world has much value 

As all things in this world will soon fade.

But those who seek to serve you will find

A true spiritual treasure which will stay


My Lord, I did not choose to serve you

Yet it was you Lord who chose me today

Inspiring me to share with many others

Your true wisdom and peace that stays 


You showed me the true path to travel

The one which will enrich my life always

Learning in my service alone to you Lord

Is where my true spiritual treasure lays


While leading others to find the only way

To you my Lord and true everlasting life

I will remain true in my spirit to you lord  

While selflessly sharing your life’s light.


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 (Galatians 5:13)
” You my brothers, were called to be free
But do not use your freedom to indulge
The sinful nature; rather serve one
Another in love.”)


I Must Be Falling In Love


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My darling your smile haunts my dreams

Never will this haunting ever subside

Your eyes found a home in my thoughts

Where their image happily comes alive


I now seek the true cause and the reason

Which makes this to happen each new day

Why it is so true no matter what I try to do

These visions of you will never go away


They have begun to cause me a problem

Finding now I have no true appetite to eat

Even now realizing soon after darkness comes

Its very hard now for my heart to fall asleep


Finding your smile easily embraces my thoughts

Your lovely brown eyes are all I daydream of

I simply reason why each day this now happens…

“It can only be that I am truly falling in love!

(April 1977)

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My Lord


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Each day I always seek to find 

New words to dress your days

To let you know how I love you

In so many wonderful ways


Each moment that I think of you

Brings alive a new blushing smile

Because you chose me to share

A life which is very worthwhile


Many search their lives for treasures

Which they desire to last a lifetime

But with you by my side its a pleasure 

Each day I’m alive your love is mine.


Lord know you are a precious treasure

Which each day makes my life complete

Each new moment I breathe I am lifted 

By your blossoming love I will forever seek.


Psalm 24:5  They will receive blessing from

the LORD and vindication from God their savior..


Wendell A. Brown

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The love light of Jesus

Brings a wonderful freedom

In our daily life to stay


When our hearts embrace

His living word one finds

Much happiness comes our way


Trusting in his true word of life

Will set your mind so free

As a certain lasting peace brings

Tranquility as one now believes


In life one finds genuine treasure

Which will stay alive deep within

As one trusts in his living promise

With His living word, they will win

…With concrete faith.


Image credit and poem: Wendell A. Brown.


JOHN 8:12

I am the light of the world.

He who follows Me shall not

Walk in darkness, but have

the light of life.”




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There is a very special

Time of my day which

None other can compare…


It’s when I find I’m  filled with

A natural high, like I am  simply

Floating on air


It’s when my heart carefully

Embraces, a lovely moment

So very deep within


It’s a special time when inside

My mind, such a sweet joy

Will always begin


This alone happens because

Of all, the beautiful things

In my life you do…


Reminding me the best part

Of my day my darling is when

I spend precious moments

Alone with you.


Wendell A. Brown  June 1977


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I feel blessed Lord that I know you

I feel joyful knowing that you care

Each moment as I feel your presence 

I know there is no need to fear


Life for all of us has many ups and downs

So many worldly things we may face

Yet I find life becomes much easier

When in your love I find a resting place


Lord each morning as you awaken me

I find a new hunger within does arise

As my spirit dines on your living word

As my heart and spirit are inspired inside


I pray your Holy Spirit will guide me

Leading me to choose the narrow way

So I might lift you with inspired praise

As you guide me daily to follow your way.


Deut 4:29 But if from thence thou shalt seek

the Lord thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou

seek him with all thy heart and with all thy



Wendell A. Brown

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A Daily Must


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In stressful times I shall wait on you

Because of the promise I daily receive

Knowing because I’m a part of your love

In its strength I can overcome all things


When darkness tries to overcome me

I know my Lord you will surely come

Because you are my heart’s strength

With which over evil I can overcome


When worldly powers seek to make me fall

In your promises Lord I will always trust

As I know your peace will embrace me

Filling my life with your healing touch


You alone Lord made me an over-comer

In your living word exists my trust

Believing I will win over worldly obstacles

When belief in your promise is a daily must.


Romans 10:11



Image Credit and poem by

Wendell A. Brown



In My Life You Always Stay


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I am never lonely

For you are always

close to me…


I am never sad or

unhappy for you Lord

will never let me be


I am never lost in worldly

sorrow, for you, led my

my moments of sorrow away…


And that is why I pray to

you each day in my life..

that your holy spirit …

in my life will always stay.



Job 32:8

“But it is a spirit in man And the breath of

the Almighty gives them understanding

Job 33:4

“The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath

of the Almighty gives me life.

Poem Wendell A. Brown

Image Credit, Pinterest.


Forever Pleased


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I am engaged this

day in adoring your



And all the the moments

of my free time are spent

in this undertaking.


So pleasant are the hours

and minutes which make

up this very festive day…


Where I find my self truly

contented while admiring

you in every special way.


I find nothing can cause my

attention to  be taken away

from The beauty my eyes see…


for my days are mean’t to

only admire you completely

so my heart might ever be 


pleased and contented…

In a thousand precious ways.


Image Credit,

Wendell A. Brown


When You Rise In The Morning


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When you rise in the morning

As you open your eyes to see

Realize it does not have to be

But it comes to be as you believe


Embrace his living word daily

Seek to taste the bread of life

Pray dutifully to our lord Jesus

As you embrace the morning light


Pray for your sisters and brothers

That they may find the surest way

As they begin to breathe again

Sharing his spirit each new day


Seek to teach another about his love

A treasure which shall always stay

As you seek to lift many others

To walk his path of life each day


There is only one way to salvation

For those who seek to truly believe

As He alone has the only true power

From worldly sin to set you free.


John 8:32 Then you will know the truth,

and the truth will set you free.”

Romans 6:18 You have been set free from sin

and have become slaves to righteousness.


Image Credit and poem,

Wendell A. Brown